Scottish Showtime Xperience

Scotland's Longest Running Show

Traditional Scottish Music and Entertainment

The last cast
Traditional Scottish Music and Entertainment
Ben Kelly
International Scottish
Singing Star

The Marlettes
Scotland's Dynamic
Singing Duo

From Celtic Instrumentalists to Dancing and Bagpipes
Billy Nelson
Compere with a magic touch

Louise Hay
  Fiddler Supreme

From Celtic Instrumentalists to Dancing and Bagpipes
Ronnie Shaw
Keyboard wizard
From Celtic Instrumentalists to Dancing and Bagpipes
Yvonne MacKenzie
Scottish Bagpipe Champion


Traditional Scottish Music and Entertainment
The lovely Firth Scottish Dancers


  Please note: (The programme and cast  may be subject to change)

Showtime Hall of Fame Cast from 1972






Caroline Ashley

Marian Anderson

Emma Aitkin

Tommy Cameron

Stuart Atkins

Johnny Bogan

Stuart Anderson Laura Aitkin Audrey MacKenzie

Duncan Dyker

Maurice Clarke David Bowen Christine Barrow Alan Clarke Hebbie Gray
Vicky Ferguson John Carmichael Caitlin Ball Sandy Forbes Louise Hay
Grant Fraser Raymond Chuchuck Donald Ball Dee Gismont Lorna Leitch
Jamieson Greer Bill Clement Jill Bowman Iain Hamilton Sarah Jane Summers
Happy Howden Billy Craib Mary Bruce Bill Hamilton  
Ben Kelly Rab Carruthers Amanda Chisholm James MacKenzie  
Louise Kelly David Cunningham Avril Davis Yvonne Mackenzie  
Norman McLean George Darling Rebecca Fraser Jim Neil  
Tom MacNeil Jock Fraser Janie Fraser Gordon Straube  
The Armour Brothers Moyra Fraser Louise Geddes Neil Stuart
The Marlettes Scott Gordon Karen Henderson Craig Watson
Jimmy Nairn Jim Johnstone Pauline Henderson  
Gordon Sinclair Alan Kitchen Dannielle Houston   
Colin Stuart Karin Leitch Babs Johnstone    
  Shona Leitch Hazel Joyce  
  John MacDonald Sophie Kay  
  Murd McLean Erin Kelly    
  Dennis Morrison Claire Lamond    
  Alex Mackenzie Gillian Laurence    
  David Mackenzie Karen Law    
  Ian Muir Gillian Lloyd  
  Bill Murray

Hannah Low

  Billy Nelson

Bethany Low

  Andrew Rankin Cynthia MacDonald    
  Bert Shorthouse Moira MacDonald
  Ronnie Shaw Gemma MacIver
  Billy Thom Caroline Mackenzie    
Lindsay Weir Carolyn MacKenzie
Eck Wilson Karen MacKenzie
John Worth Heather Ann MacPherson
Gordon Young Karen MacBey
    Kelly MacBey    
    Alison Melville    
  Lorna Millard
  Andrea Millet
  Nicole Morgan
  Elizabeth Murray
  Shirley Murray
    Victoria Nicol    
  Suzanne Norwood
  Nicola Orock
  Caroline Rankin
    Jacqualine Richardson    
  Val Richardson
  Chloe Riddle
    Kern Robertson    
  Vi Ross
  Sylvia Tawse
  Jessica Walker











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